An independent label created in 2010 by Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna. Integrated and compact on every respect, from invention to sales, it promotes an aesthetic that combines Italian attention to craftsmanship and materials with a sharp, affirmative language. The classic soul underlies an energetic appearance. Volumes are designed to include and erase differences, shapes are precise, the male/female distinction is intentionally blurred, with numerous overlapping points between the men’s and women’s collections.

The reductionist method – essential lines, neutral colors, thoughtful selection of fabrics – maximizes the possibilities of use and multiplies the interpretations allowed to the wearer. A particular emphasis is placed on the modularity of the garments and accessories, designed for the customer to own them. An openness and exchange that the brand conveys through projects developed in dialogue with photographers and artists.

The language suggests powerful purity.  The thought behind it spawns from the awareness of style as an indelible imprint.