The COMEFORBREAKFAST language is swift, assertive, modular. It runs through the collections, imagined as a system of pieces that organically evolves from one season to the next, and now through the store, which is imagined as a spatial and experiential translation of the brand’s values.


Via Atto Vannucci 10 – Milan


Located at number 10, via Atto Vannucci, a secluded street in a neighborhood that still maintains a local authenticity and which is traditionally home to artisan workshops and ateliers, the brand materializes a raw and emotional, direct and reductionist experience. The space is a parallelepiped that reveals its volume right from the street front.

The garments – men, women and accessories collection – look as if immersed in the space that is immersed in them, tangible presences that interact with the walls and the furnishings. The dilapidated walls match the concrete floor: a crumbling symphony of impalpable tones and white brushstrokes, which, through skilful decollage, reveals the original colors of the space, which used to be a grocery store. The authenticity of the operation energizes the environment with a direct, unfiltered aura.

The furnishing elements – racks, cash desk, display – have been designed by NM3 and are made of steel, linear and precise as to reflect the COMEFORBREAKFAST meticulous approach to design, clear and powerful as to create a strong visual and material contrast with the brutalist environment. Geometric rigor and attention to materials are the hallmarks of NM3, expressed through industrial elements and modular shapes that infinitely expand the possibilities of use and composition.

The result is a neutral and vibrant, timeless and seasonless, malleable and powerful environment, in which the language of COMEFORBREAKFAST becomes both rarefied and tangible, visual and concrete. The store is a bold container that speaks a language in subtraction, modular as everything is in COMEFORBREAKFAST. The elements are few and mobile, to allow the space to be transformed to create situations. The store is in fact imagined as a connector between the brand, its authors and the public through clothing and accessories as well as the different communication and image projects developed each season.